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New experiment

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I have been keeping a paper journal over the past month.  I’ve been writing in it mainly at night because that is when I have the most uninterrupted time.  My goal has been to keep it in the morning because I love to start the day with a little “me” time, and it helps me organize my thoughts for the day.  I don’t think that is going to work, but I did realize that since I type faster than I write, I might be able to blog each morning and perhaps this could serve the same purpose.  So…

As of today, I’m going to try to come up with one entry per morning.  Some may be complete “garbage” – if I can’t really come up with something even reasonably organized, if I’m just rambling about a lot of nonsense, or if I just think it is too personal.  Those days, I’m simply going to make the entry private.  Others that relate to the purpose of this goal or are more general, I’ll continue to post.

We shall see how this goes and if I can make time each morning.  I really need to get more organized with my time during the day.  I will have to do so if I get a job, but it would probably be good if I start the process before I get a job!

Well – time to make breakfast for my son!  The day is starting…


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