Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Standing up for yourself feels really good

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I finally let people know that they were (a) asking inappropriate questions and (b) badgering me about our job/financial situation and amazingly, everyone has backed off quietly.  Mind you, I don’t like confrontations and I did this as politely as possible, but I didn’t expect it to work so well.  Of course, we’ll see what Christmas and all the visiting brings, but still – people aren’t calling and giving me a tough time!  Yay!

Ok, I have to admit that my mother didn’t respond very well at first.  However, I ignored her digs and let them slide and since then, she’s been great .   It really feels good to tell people what is bothering me and that they’ve stepped across some boundaries.  It feels good to not let people run right over me.  Yes, I should have done this years ago but I’ve always been such a “good girl”.  I am finally, finally coming into my own, I hope.

This is an interesting side that needs to be expressed and explored.  Contrary to what my family has always seemed to think, I know myself far better than they do.


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