Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Things I Enjoy (Part V)

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76. Hugs from my husband
77. Reading letters
78. Soaking in a warm bath
79. Stretching
80. Hot tea
81. Riding horses
82. Swimming
83. Long walks
84. Sunny days
85. Windy days
86. Rainstorms (when I can stay in!)
87. Snow (when I don’t have to drive in it)
88. Music (of many different types)
89. Cuddling my babies
90. Roses
91. Carnations (they last a long time)
92. Flowers in the garden
93. Puns
94. Watching football with my husband
95. Walking on the beach
96. Coffee
97. Hazelnut creamer
98. Grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon
99. Pens – I just love pens (and paper)
100. Warm fuzzy socks


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