Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?



I just had a sudden break-through that is actually a little frightening.  One of my goals is to learn to ask for help when I need it.  Ok.  I have recognized that I have a problem in this area.  That is a good first step.  But today – in fact, just a few minutes ago – I realized just how much of a problem I have with this in my life.

I was sitting at my computer and thinking how grateful I was that my husband went to the store today.  I really was dreading it.  Then it hit me.  He’s my husband.  Why shouldn’t I ask him to help me when I’m struggling?  When I decided on my goal, I hadn’t even been thinking of my husband.  I’ve been married for years (over 10); why has it taken me so long to realize that I can and should ask him for help?  Why is it so hard for me to ask for help?  I think I’m afraid to appear “vulnerable”.  It is really sad that I don’t even want to appear vulnerable to my husband.  Really.

I think I’ve got motivation now to seek counseling as soon as we are in a better financial situation.  I think that I have issues that I need to explore.

And yes, I’m going to ask for help now when I realize that I’m struggling.  It is ok to do that, particularly when people want to help me.


5 thoughts on “Epiphany!

  1. Loved your comments and understand them completely!! I lived that life too for most of my life.

    Please send me your address. I have a book I’d like to send you that answers most of your questions and will get you on the road to balance.
    Thanks again for your being willing to be vulnerable.
    Peggy Collins


  2. This is in response to your painful experience regarding a relative with melanoma. I am so sorry you had to get such a response. There has been melanoma in my own family, and I think you are fortunate to be aware of the symptoms because as you know melanoma appears to be increasing all over the world. Educate yourself about the appearance of melanoma and how to avoid it. Examine your body on a regular basis for changes in moles, etc. Try not to be fearful, but rather proactive because early diagnosis is so predictive of a good outcome. We all need to do this, not just people with melanoma in the family.

    I wish you and your cousin the very best.


  3. Thank you. I’ve been having moles removed and tested since I was in my early teens. I do try to stay on top of things and watch my skin very carefully; I’m certainly going to redouble my efforts now. And of course, I’m going to take extra care with my children. I would have before this, but this certainly emphasizes the need for it. Thank you for your encouragement!


  4. Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation.

    I am a melanoma survivor and now as of yesterday battling again. I created my blog on so people like you and many others can follow along on my journey for a cure of melanoma. My main goal is to inspire others either battling or that knows someone that is battling.


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