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Flu shots…what a pain

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Literally!  I had one yesterday and I had forgotten just what a pain in the arm they are.  My arm feels like someone punched it pretty hard.

Really, I guess I can’t complain.  My poor little daughter had five shots yesterday at her four-month checkup.  She was a bit cranky the rest of they day and I can’t really blame her.  There she was, having a perfectly quiet, nice morning when she was yanked out of her comfort zone, bundled up, put in the dreaded car seat and driven somewhere really unpleasant.  Then she was undressed, poked, prodded, stretched, and stuck five times!  Oh the indignities of it all.

Things seem to have settled back down today; she’s been smiling and cooing at me which always cheers me up.  How can you not smile back at a baby?


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