Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Calm day…

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Today was fairly calm.  I didn’t talk to my parents.  I didn’t worry about what my husband was…or wasn’t … doing with his time.  I just played with the kids, bought some groceries, and did what I wanted with the little spare time I had.

Really, I think I’ve got to turn the ringer on my phone off or simply screen my calls until I can muster up the courage to tell my parents to leave me alone.  They are calling with advice on how I should handle the current financial situation.  I understand their concern, but they are really stressing me out.  Ugh.  I really don’t need MORE stress.  If they aren’t going to help me, I wish they’d stop making things worse.  Of course, they don’t realize they are stressing me and making things worse.  I just don’t know how to tell them to back off.  I’ve got to think of a tactful way to talk to them.

I also managed to spend some time looking up women role models for girls – women that little girls can look up to (powerful women, scientists, artists, writers, and so on).  I learned a lot in the process – a lot about women that I was never taught about in school.


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