Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

Writer’s Block

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I really want to keep going with this journal, especially since writing is painful for me right now.  But I can’t honestly think of a thing to write.  I’m afraid that it is because I’m generally publishing my posts, not making them private.  I’m afraid I feel like I’m writing for an audience even though I doubt that anyone reads this regularly.  Maybe I’ll try to write tomorrow, posting privately, to see if that will help.  I realize my life isn’t terribly exciting right now, but I should surely be able to write about something.

I want to vent about family.  I want to explore myself, get to know me.  That was, after all, the purpose of starting this blog.  I want to get my emotions out into the open.  I want to write about all of the things that worry me so that I don’t take them to bed with me.  I want to write about my worries for my children, so that I don’t carry them around with me constantly.  I want to write.


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