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Having a wonderful visit…

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Well, I guess I should rephrase that. I am having a wonderful time, but that is largely because I’m getting out of the house a bit, running some errands, FINALLY getting my hair cut, and so forth. So … the visiting has been sparse, really.

We did stay up until long after my normal bed time last night talking, which was great. I’ve not had a chance to talk like that with my mother in a long, long time. I miss that. I think my mother and I would be great friends now if she had more freedom from my stepfather; he tends to keep her close and very busy, and he has for two decades plus now. Still, we are closer now that we have been for a long time. I have hope that this will continue to improve. (Sadly, lately we’ve been bonding over our common problem: depression.)

My husband and I, as I said, went out and about today, running a number of errands that we really needed to do. It was so much easier since we could leave the children with the grandparents. Yeah, one of us could stay home with the kids – and we’ll do that most of the time – but we really enjoyed a little bit of freedom together, even if it wasn’t exciting stuff that we were doing. Just being together and talking to each other was nice.

I think I’ve really missed talking. My friends are not around much these days. My family has been a problem recently, plus they are not nearby. I see my husband all day, every day (since he’s been out of work for over a year), but you know, sometimes you want a friend to talk to, or another woman, or just someone outside of your current situation. A change of conversation, kind of like getting out of town for a few days for a change of scenery.

Anyway, this visit has been very nice on multiple levels. I’ve loved getting out of the house and I’ve loved being in it (for the conversation and change of pace). It has been very nice and very relaxing.


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