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Hot meals…almost like a dream

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My mom and stepdad came up to visit today; they will probably be with us for three days or so.  They got here just in time to watch our kids so we could go out to dinner, me and my husband.  That was a lovely, lovely gift…and on THEIR anniversary, too!

We didn’t really go anywhere fancy, just somewhere that I enjoy and that we haven’t been able to get to in a while.  We sat and talked and talked and talked.  It was so lovely and so relaxing.  The conversation was so simple but it was incredible to be able to (a) eat my meal while it was “fresh” (it was a salad with grilled chicken so it wasn’t exactly HOT, (b) talk without interruption of some kind.  It was great.

I think we really need to find a babysitter.  I know we can’t afford one often right now, but the thought of being ABLE to do this without waiting for family to come up and help us is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  It would be a gift to both of us really; I think we’ve gotten away from taking care of our marriage and that isn’t good.

A big thank you to my mom and stepdad; what a terrific gift to your tired daughter!


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