Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

The Week at the Half-Way Point

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I’m doing better the last few days.  I’ve found ways to be productive and I think I’ve made peace with the idea of looking for work, though I am having a hard time finding time to devote to the search without giving up the tiny bit of spare time I have.  I hate to have all my spare time be work-related in some way (housework or out-of-the-house-work).

Still, I’m exercising, cooking again, and doing a little reading. It feels pretty good to get a few things done each day.  I’ve broken down cleaning in to 10-minute segments a day (cleaning or organizing or both) and that helps me feel like I can accomplish something as well – it helps to look at some tasks in smaller portions.

I hope this feeling continues; it is a relief from the desperation and despair of late.  I’m not natually a “down” person; this state is really horrible.  The relief of the last few days is unexplainable, really – undescribable.  A patch of sunshine that I’m going to relish.


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