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Some changes are just annoying…

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I have, in the past, depended on a certain major newspaper’s job section for local jobs. I found the site more helpful, easier to use and more user-friendly, than some of the major job search websites. I recently restarted my job search and I did so first by going to the paper’s website and getting my resume uploaded, formatted properly, and also creating two cover letters. It took a while to do all that and I believe that it was last week; I posted an entry about it but I don’t feel like looking for it at the moment. (Edit: I went back and looked – it was Wednesday, September 19.)

Anyway, this morning I went to continue my search, figuring that there should be some new jobs posted from the weekend. Well. My password wouldn’t work; I went through the process of changing it to discover the reason WHY it didn’t work. The paper apparently decided to contract out the job search portion of the online site; it is now one of the major search sites – and it is SO MUCH WORSE. Many of the helpful features are gone. But it gets better. All the work I did last week, getting everything set up (including search agents)? Gone. All the notes on things I’d applied for previously? Gone. Aaargh! Yeah, that makes my job search simpler; I had stopped using this particular major job search site on a previous job search because I found them so full of spam and so unhelpful. When I tried this this morning, I found pages and pages and pages of “Work from home; make $72,000” ads. Yeah, that’s helpful. 1 page of related jobs to my search, and 5 of spam/garbage.

Well, I’m going to find another arena to look in; I could go back to the paper and do this the old fashioned way, but it is so much faster online! And I don’t want to give the paper the business now. There have to be good sites out there; I’m already using one that is OK. This whole thing just irritates me; the paper has my email; would a little notice that this change was going to happen have hurt?

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