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and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?


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There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.     Alexander Woolcott

 I saw this quote on a quotations page that I visit from time to time (here) and it grabbed my attention.  It is easy to lose site of this in taking care of the day-to-day things that need doing but that run together after awhile.  Dinner today isn’t much different from dinner yesterday and dinner the day before that.  Getting the children to bed each day is pretty much the same.  Or at least it feels that way.  It is really difficult to keep in mind in the midst of challenging times or depression.  I’ve found myself just kind of coasting through my days sometimes recently and this quote brought me up short.

But it is important  to remember that each day is indeed different, and it is important.  We only get one life to live; we should really make the most of it.  I know that I am having a tough time right now – and this quote certainly won’t change that fact or make my life easier – but maybe I can change my focus at least SOME of the time.  If I can keep this in mind some of the time, maybe I can find the bright spots of my day and, most importantly, not coast through the young, formative years of my children.  They really do change overnight and I really don’t want to miss the important days in their lives.

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