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A gentle reminder that things could be … more challenging

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I’ve been feeling a bit depressed lately.  And, I admit, I do have reason for that.  However, I was looking at a news article just a few minutes ago that seems to be a gentle reminder from the universe (or God) that things could certainly be more challenging for me than they are now.  A gentle nudge that, no matter how bad (or challenging) you think your situation is, there is always someone who’s situation is more challenging.  (I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying having more kids is BAD…I’m not – just that I realize now that my situation could indeed be more complicated and harder than it is.  I guess I’m just seeing a different perspective – sometimes you need a jolt to see beyond your own problems).

At any rate, the article I read (here) is about a woman that just gave birth to four children at once.  No…not quadruplets…not exactly.  She had a set of fraternal twins and a set of identical twins!  Imagine that!  Apparently, her mother is an identical twin and her husband is a fraternal twin.  I can’t imagine having four children at once, first of all, and secondly, the idea of two sets of twins at once is just a fascinating thought.  From the article, “ The odds of having a set of identical and fraternal twins at the same time are so rare, doctors say the odds don’t even exist. “

My challenges are different, but still, the situation I’m in would only be MUCH MORE COMPLICATED by four children as opposed to the one I just had.  So, I suppose I really should start trying to look on the bright(er) side of things.


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