Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?



I went for a walk today.  These days it is my preferred method of getting exercise.  I take my son in the stroller and carry the baby in a sling.  Something for everyone: I get exercise, he gets fresh air, she gets a nap of some sort.  It started out so well – it is a sunny day, the first in about a week.  The temperature is fairly warm, but much cooler than it has been and it is just beautiful.

In fact, most of the walk was wonderful.  I listened to the birds chirping and singing, the cicadas making their summer-y noise, and got lost in thought.  Really, it is the closest I get to peace and quiet most of the time.  My son was busy looking around and the baby slept peacefully next to me. I was thoroughly enjoying myself as I came to within about 6 minutes of the end of the walk, when my shoe slipped.  I realized I had stepped in something; sure enough, I looked back and realized that someone had let their dog defecate on the path rather than urging them off the path into the grass.  Also, obviously, they hadn’t bothered to pick it up afterward.

Now, we have trash cans conveiniently located to deposit dog excrement in every so-many-feet along all the paths in our neighborhood.  I don’t know how much easier they could make it for dog owners to clean up after their dogs.   Anyway,  I scraped my feet along the path and in some grass in an attempt to get them clean.  After a few minutes, I thought I had and I decided to continue along my way.  As I did, I noticed two more piles smack in the middle of the path.  I managed to avoid those and made it home without further incident.

That’s when the fun really started.  Well, sometime after I got home.  I went in and set my son down, then my daughter.  Then I went to shower.  Just before I did, I noticed that there were some leaves stuck to the stroller; I didn’t think much of it because we’ve had some rain recently so I figured that it was just wet leaves.  As it turns out it was much worse.  I had in fact driving the stroller through the dog excrement.  I figured this out when I realized my son had it on his feet, legs, clothing, hands…and it was on the floor of the foyer as well.  Of course, this lead to washing my son, changing his clothes, washing my shoes, washing the stroller, cleaning the foyer floor…all for a walk in the shade.

Sigh.  I just wish people would take responsibility for their pets.


2 thoughts on “Sigh…

  1. Aww, that sounded like such a great walk… and then the poop. How frustrating!!


  2. Yeah, it was – so peaceful. THen all that work because someone didn’t take two minutes to clean up after their dog. Sigh. Well, I went back out today, but I was MUCH more careful…


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