Being Me…

and discovering that that is quite the roller coaster ride. Wanna come along?

It’s all coming back to me…

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The reasons why I’ve not been able to keep a paper journal.  I had thought I’d be able to keep this one up since I type faster than I write, but…it isn’t so easy.  I’m lucky if I can find 10 minutes a day to do this.  That amazes me, since I’m an at-home mom right now, but with a two-year-old and a two-month-old I find my time just evaporates.  Sigh.

I really want to keep this going.  I think it is important to have somewhere to pour it all out, to let it all hang out as it were.  I know that this phase with my youngest won’t last all that long; her schedule (ha! schedule!) is good at night, not so much during the day.  That does mean I get at least one good chunk of sleep at night, but I get almost nothing done during the day.   My family keeps telling me that my job right now is to be a good mother to my children – and I believe that and I’m trying to do my best – but it is hard to see things that need doing and not be able to get to it.  Well – this too shall pass.  And since this is our last child, I really should relax and enjoy my babies.  I’ve got to let go of this feeling that I’ve got to be productive.  Some times it is harder to see the results of your work than others.


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